An elite athlete’s journey to peak performance does not simply end after signing a contract or college letter of intent. EPI is relentless in our pursuit of innovative strength, power, speed and agility training. Our mission is to increase each professional athlete’s capacity in functional movement, strength, and explosiveness in order to achieve maximal performance in their relative arena.


  • Performance Evaluation
  • Personalized Programming
  • 75 Minute Semi-Private Training Session
  • Recovery/Regeneration Focus
  • Media Show casing
  • Embracing Healthy Lifestyles on and off the field


  • FMS Testing
  • Identifying and developing strength and adjility deficits.
  • Continued Benchmark Monitoring


  • 5,000 sq ft of functional training space.
  • Keiser equipment for sports-specific movement patterns and pillar preparation.
  • High Qulality indoor turf for year round training.